Dedicated In Loving Memory of Greg Proffitt

Operation Santa 2023

Our Guardian Angels

Operation Santa has a guardian angel in the form of Vince Proffitt, a former Air Force Veteran who owns Spartan Medical Inc. A Burgh native, Vince heard about our struggles through his friends the Egizio Family, long time Bridges Kids Club Members. Within 10 minutes of meeting on a call a year ago, he offered to be our presenting sponsor through his company’s charitable giving arm the Proffitt Brothers Foundation, literally saving Operation Santa for 2022. He continues to generously support our event annually.

Proffitt Brothers Foundation is not just a name. The Foundation was created in July 2018 to honor the vision and mission of Vince’s Brother Gregory Proffitt, who passed far too young on 21 May 2018. Their goal is to help fund the hardworking charities that get the proceeds directly to real people, locally, on the front-line. Their mission is to find people that have demonstrated the propensity to do good, and to incentivize that incredible behavior with funding, to make the biggest possible impact in the most expedient and efficient manner possible.

We could not be more proud, humbled and honored to dedicate this year’s Operation Santa event to honor the memory of Greg Proffitt. Pictured above is Greg's wife and children as well as one of his best friends family, who all joined us as volunteers for this year's event.

Greg was a U.S. Marine. He graduated from The University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne Law School. He was an avid Steelers, Penguins and Pirates fan and U.S. history buff. He was a devoted husband, father and brother. He embodied so many qualities of all of the amazing men, women and families who have served our nation and that we proudly serve at Operation Santa.

So we always know we have one Guardian Angel on Earth and one in Heaven that have our six.Words can’t begin to explain our gratitude.

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